This place is AWESOME. The staff is friendly, they make you comfortable and they take their time with you to make sure that you get the best treatment. I have been to other chiropractors and they just didn't have the IT FACTOR that this one has. He is friendly, he listens to everything you have going on and makes sure that you get the best treatment possible for recovery in a timely fashion. His place is very nice and clean the back has weight machines and bikes and all other kind of exercise equipment for the people who need that kind of treatment at the end. I would not go to anyone else ever.

They have earned my trust, and my respect, they earned my loyalty and with that I am appreciative. If you are looking for someone to put their best foot forward into making you feel better in and expeditious manner this DR. Dr Maxwell and his team are the one I promise you! But don't take my word go see for yourself and thank me later. He doesn't keep you in pain so you can come back he gets rid of your pain so you can get back moving and do the things you used to do.

Lavonne N.

Dr Maxwell is great as well as his team. They have done wonders for my pain. I went in for severe pain in my hip, I almost couldn't walk. Within 2 sessions I was almost back to normal. I highly recommend them!!

Lisa Stevens

I got in an accident in October and had neck & back problems. They was very communicative with me & made me feel comfortable. My back got better and I don't have neck problems anymore. This is a great place to come to if you have any body problems!

Tiffany Morris

In September I was hit by a drunk driver. When I was asked who I wanted to go to see for a chiropractor I didnt know who to go to, I was referred to Dr. Maxwells office. It was a great choice. I had pain in my neck, shoulder and upper back. When I first arrived I was greeted with friendly faces and Dr. Maxwell got my x-rays done and talked to me one on one about my injuries and the steps we would take to get me back to feeling better. Treatment went well and after 3 months I feel great. I will definitely recommend Palmetto physical medicine to whoever needs their services!

Samuel Miller

This is the second time that I went to Dr. Maxwell for treatment after and auto accident and his team and him are the best !

Hyatt Megan

I was in a car wreck I was referred to chiropractor for my pain he did adjustments and stimulation and also used a machine to Stretch my neck the Dr and staff took excellent care of me as I was very nervous about treatment but they made me comfortable and explained everything they were doing the Dr was excellent I would refer him to anyone.

Crystal Miller

The best chiropractor there is, thank you very much for your service. I thank you very much for everything you did for me, now I am much better. Thanks to you and your entire team, you treated me very well. Thank you very much. Best Chiropractor Doctor Maxwells

Maria Martinez

Came in here after my accident. The staff is amazing from the first day I came in until I was released. I have found a chiropractor that I will be returning to. The Dr knows his job and cares. Can't say enough about this place.

Raw Land Homestead

Wow so much good to say .... love love love Maxwell he is polite helpful and definitely can get u out of pain! He is my angel sent‼️‼️ the lady's that work with him are kind and sweet as well DEFINITELY RECOMMEND ?

Elizabeth Shepherd

This practice is GREAT!!! I have been to many Chiropractors over the years and Dr. Maxwell and his staff are awesome. From the time you walk in and are assisted by one of the finest staff team I've experienced, either Aris, Brenda or Sonia then by Dr. Maxwell, you feel as if you were in your own home. The treatment plan recommended for my lumbar problem got me back up and running, now I'm continuing with a maintenance program to keep it all moving smoothly. Thank you everyone at Palmetto P M & C for all you do!!!

Brian T.

I went a few weeks ago with lower back pain that I've had for years. I got tired of medication and shots. I was scared of going to a chiropractor but a friend told me to give Dr. Maxwell a chance. I'm glad I did. 3 weeks later and I'm feeling great. I wish I had gone sooner. Let me just say that I love the decompression table. Dr. Maxwell is great and very understanding. Brenda and the rest of the staff are awesome. They're so friendly and understanding.

Sari HZ

No one helped my back problem only medicated it. I saw less pain the very first day. I continue to get treatment at least once a week. This saved me from missing work and valuable family time. The staff are professional and pleasant. There are no appt times and you are served quickly. They want paid but do not haunt you about the payment. The fee is better than insurance copays. If you need help go get it you will be pleased.

Mary P.

Can't say enough about the experience I always have here. Dr. Maxwell and his entire staff are second to none. Thanks to Doc, I have been pain free for sometime but recently had a shoulder injury and decided to have a cortisone shot to ease the pain... AM I EVER glad I did. Marlon Shelby PA was exceptional! I'm happy to say it's been almost a week and I feel 100% better. I highly recommend this office to anyone and will always be a patient. Keep up the great work Dr. Maxwell and staff!!

Britt B.

OMG! The best the best the best... My kids especially my daughter loved Brenda who worked with getting us hooked up to the equipment (her new mama)... Mr. Maxwell is just AWESOME and down to earth. Please see them if you need to. They will leave you satisfied...

Laporscha B.

Dr. Maxwell and the office staff are very polite and professional. I have been going here for 20 years off and on as I find new ways to tweak/injure my back or neck. Each time Dr. Maxwell thouroughly reviews my issue and creates a treatment plan to get me healed up. I'm starting week 3 of treatment for my most recent issue and almost ready to get back on the mountain bike! I would highly recommend Dr. Maxwell.

Kevin B.

I and my family have used Palmetto Physical Medicine for over 15 years. We are always pleased with the attitude, knowledge and treatment we have received. I highly recommend Dr. Maxwell for chiropractic services!

Mary P.

Dr. Maxwell & his staff are very professional. I was in an accident their goal was to get me back to feeling like me again. Very flexible hours (which I loved) no long waiting time. No unneeded treatments!!! Dr. Maxwell took time to listen to me & create a plan for me. A very comfortable atmosphere. I would definitely recommend Dr. Maxwell!

Elouise B.

"Very professional staff whom obviously love their job - no long wait times for appointments & flexible with my work schedule. Dr Maxwell goes above and beyond to implement a treatment plan and truly cares about how you are feeling. Having access to several Doctors in one building was a welcomed experience. Dr Peek was amazing with her skill set (nerve block) in helping with my muscle spasms."

W. H.

Omg!!! Best chiropractor in Rock Hill. Everyone here is super nice. All the assistants get you in and out within 30 minutes. Even my first time visiting I only waited maybe 10 minutes to get seen. I will only go to Mr.Maxwell from now on.

Summer S.

Best Chiropractic I've ever been too love this place! A few years ago I was in a car wreck and hurt my back Mr Maxwell he did a super job on my back he got it feeling better with just in weeks he helped me get an attorney and everything got taken care of I am so grateful!

Robert H.

My back has been giving me trouble for several years.It would keep me up at night. I started going to Palmetto Physical Medicine and I'm sleeping much better.

Vivian T.

My experience with Dr. Maxwell and his staff was great. The service was awesome. They were very attentive and very thorough. Can't say enough about Dr. Maxwell. Very personable. Made me feel like I was being treated by a friend. So much so, I looked forward to my visits and although my treatments went very well, felt great afterwards, I'm bit disappointed that they've ended. I will definitely return for any future chiropractic needs. I highly recommend this practice.

Andrew M.

Very Friendly staff and great service, they get you fixed and ready to go, would recommend to anyone. Dr.Maxwell is great, they choose the best solution to fix your problem

B. Kaine

I began seeing Dr. Maxwell after an automobile accident. He listened to me We discussed my accident and the impact of it on my neck and back he took X-Raysof both neck and back then he came up with a treatment plan and determined the best time for me to come for treatment His staff was very courteous, professional, and attentive. I had minimum to no wait time to for treatment

Patricia M.

Dr.Maxwell is a great chiropractor! I have been going to him for years with an injured spinal column! Now I can have relief where as other orthopedic doctors couldn't relieve my pain! So thank you for your service.

Tips D.

Dr. Maxwell and his staff are amazing. In May my husband was in a car accident and could hardly move. He went to therapy 3 times a week sometimes even dropping in on a 4th day when the pain got to be to much. Dr Maxwell always had a smile and fixed my husband right up. My family is so very grateful to the staff for helping my husband get back on his feet.


Saw Dr. Maxwell at the urging of my son. Was a bit worried about the walk-in policy and the wait I may have. Truthfully by the time I signed in I was seeing the Dr. When I described my symptoms, he put his finger right where my pain was. After 1st treatment I was having relief from my pain. He and his staff are so professional and courteous and really make you feel comfortable. Great decision on my part.

Carol B.

Great place!! Staff are friendly and Dr Maxwell knew exactly what my problem was as soon as I started explaining it. The atmosphere is awesome and upbeat. My husband and his family have used Dr Maxwell in the past and I'm so thankful they recommend him. 3 weeks in abs so far I'm pain free since the very first treatment!! Definitely recommend!

Lora M.

The staff and management are some of the nicest people that really care about you and your situation, clean, easy access to the establishment and most of all very knowledgeable thanks palmetto and Dr. Maxwell.

Haskell C.

My experience has been great! Dr.Maxwell been extremely interested in my healing.. He has single-handedly made my days easier without back pain. Go see him he wants to help you be better. I like him and treatment has been undeniable!!

Joshua L.

I have had a nagging lower back injury for several months. Upon arriving at Dr Maxwell's, we talked about what caused my injury, ran several tests for proper diagnosis, and came up with a customized treatment plan for recovery. He's been very patient with answering all of my questions, and has been great about making adjustments to my treatment regimen. I can't think him enough for helping put me back together again!

Josh L.

Great staff. Amazing atmosphere I felt very welcomed. This place is amazing and can work with just about any schedule. Highly recommend

Kendal H.

Cannot say enough good things about Dr Maxwell and his staff! Very professional and attentive! Went to Dr Maxwell 3 day ago with a terrible headache and neck pain. The headache is almost completely gone! Neck pain has eased as well! I would recommend Dr Maxwell to anybody that is suffering with joint or muscle pain. This Dr actually cares about his patients!

George C.

I began seeing Dr. Maxwell after an automobile accident in March 2019. From Day 1, he was phenomenal! He listened! We discussed my accident and the impact of it on my body, he took X-Rays, formulated a treatment plan and determined the best time for me to come for treatment that worked with both my and his schedule. His staff was very courteous, professional, and attentive. I had minimum to no wait time to be treated. I had an amazing experience at Palmetto Physical Medicine and Chiropractic and would recommend them for all of your Chiropractic needs! Thank you Palmetto Physical Medicine and Chiropractic!!!!!

Joy G.

I loveeee this place. The staff doesn't treat you like you're just another patient, they treat you like family. Dr. Maxwell works with you to figure out what's going on until the problem is solved! I really appreciate the staff & all they do.

Felicity B.

Dr. Maxwell is very professional and every time I come to get my treatments he is nice, efficient, and answers all of my questions thoroughly. His staff is wonderful and the environment is what I can best describe as friendly and comfortable. A perfect place to begin a healing process or simply come to keep my body in line. I will definitely be coming back!

Valeria R.

I have been a patient here for over 2 years now. The staff are wonderful, friendly and always smiling! Doctors really care about not only helping you heal but do not try and push any extra unneeded treatments! Honest and up front which is what I like! I personally go there a few times a month for preventative maintenance since I do body building/power lifting! Absolutely love the decompression tables!

Thomas T.

Dr. Maxwell is a pleasant guy with a great sense of humor!!! I founded Dr. Maxwell when he examined and helped my husband with his chronic back pain. Under the care of Dr. Maxwell and his staff I observed my husband's pain back getting better within a couple week's time. So I decided to see Dr. Maxwell for myself because I experienced some back pain as well. Seeing him was the best choice I had ever made. Thanks to Dr. Maxwell I feel better and I have the better mobility in my back. I am happy with the service provide by Dr. Maxwell.

Valerie M.

I was having pain in my back.I went into the office and receive treatment the same day.Dr.Maxwell actually takes the time to listen and talk to you.His service is awesome,his staff is so wonderful,and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Latoya R.

Great place! Everyone is very friendly. Dr Maxwell helped me get rid of my chronic back pain. I would definitely recommend this place! Dr Maxwell is a great guy and and has a great sense of humor!

Beth K.

I have always been a little reluctant to visiting a chiropractor; however recently I have been having some lower back pain (not from an injury) and Advil was not helping at all. I made an appointment to see my family Dr a week out but the pain had me in tears after a week of it getting worse. I pass by Palmetto Physical medicine about a half dozen times a day. I finally just pulled in to give it a try and literally after one treatment I am about 75% better...I was so excited I was waiting in parking lot day 2!!! Pain free and medicine free!!!

Kelly P.

Dr Maxwell is great! He listens and sets a plan to get you better. He has a team to help support it and brings them in as needed.

M. M.

Dr. Maxwell and his team are dedicated to helping patients get back to a normal life. They are efficient and effective. They are helping me get better after an accident and I couldn't recommend them enough.

N. C.

Very professional, courtesy , friendly and they know how to get things done and get you fixed. I would highly recommend to anyone to go here for all their chiropractic needs. Keep up the good work guys.

C. P.

Very helpful and friendly. Accepted my husband as a walk-in the same day I called, no long waits, and had him feeling a lot better after only one session. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for chiropractic care.

C. J.

I had injured my shoulder lifting weights. I went to palmetto physical medicine for treatment. The staff was very caring and helpful. I went through 2 weeks of treatment which helped ease the pain. On the 3rd week had it injected which took away all the pain. It was a very good experience.

M. M.

Dr. Jeff Maxwell is a very friendly, professional, & knowledgeable chiropractor. I wouldn't recommend anyone else!

J. D.

Dr. Maxwell and his staff were a big help for my neck problems after my car accident. I would highly recommend them if you're having any chiropractic issues.

C. W.

Dr. Maxwell and his staff are very attentive to the needs of the patient. They take their time to make sure they understand the entire issue and work towards fast and pain free results.

R. E.

Fantastic practice! They truly care for their patients and do everything they can to help. Great location and very convenient hours. Everyone is so friendly and really goes above and beyond.

Anne Price

I woke up one morning couldn't move my neck and was in excruciating pain. Walked into palmetto as soon as they opened and he knew exactly what was wrong and X-rays confirmed it. I had a pinched nerve in my neck I was in disbelief that could be the cause and his treatment would work but after 3 visits I was back at 100%.

Ashley gil

Great service there. Dr. Maxwell is a Great Guy and his assistances work very well

E&R Richardson

Best chiropractor in sc. goes over and beyond to help anyone and everyone. Doctor Maxwell and his team are amazing people. This is my second bad car wreak and I wouldn't go anywhere else but here.

Angelica smith